aici suntem vise, dincolo suntem ....

Zumzaie prin preajma un om, il aud si tac.
Are vise, le tine strans in manusa si le incalzeste cu propriul corp, constant, deliberat.
Aici suntem vise, dincolo de ele suntem suflete si bagaje de trairi.
Cand ni se ia corpul, ni se dau cai albe de a  transcede spre o pala de vant si-o lumina clara...
unde totul vede, totul simte.

   "No tears for the life that you've led

You've had angels in your head
Did you hear them singing in the end?
All the things that you've seen
All the things that could have been
Well I've been everything I want to be
So, no tears, no tears for me. "

Did you hear them singing in the end  ....


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